PRIMARY ELECTION - Primary elections are held by the political parties to determine which candidate will be running on their platform in the General Election. For example, Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Party Primary, so she went on to run as the Democratic Candidate in the 2016 election. It's important to note that, in NYS, YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO VOTE IN A PARTY'S PRIMARY UNLESS YOU ARE A REGISTERED VOTER FOR THAT PARTY. There are two main types of primaries:

  • STATE/LOCAL ELECTION- State elections elect state officials, such as the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Attorney General, State Assembly members, and  State Senators. Local elections elect city officials, such as The Mayor, City Council members, the Comptroller, District Attorneys, and Public Advocate. State and Local elections are held at the same time.

  • FEDERAL ELECTIONS-State Federal Elections elect federal officials, such as the President, Senators, and members of Congress.

types of elections

GENERAL ELECTION- In General Elections, voters choose between candidates who have won their party's primaries. All local, state, and federal candidates are voted on in the General elections. 

Special election - General When a seat becomes vacant for any elected office, a special election is held to fill the seat.

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